Vans continues his try to push the boundaries of efficiency skating attire with new additions to the Vans Versa franchise.

The Versa Hoodie and the Versa QZP DX offer the opportunity to feel "comfortable and effortless without sacrificing style". The vans have merged a classic aesthetic with functional technology to create two pieces that address each day through the use of easy-to-breathe materials. With updated seasonal colors, the Versa franchise continues to be a dedicated timebase built with features inspired by skateboarding.

Andrew Allen, taildrop in the VX Versa QZP Vans

Similar to the Versa Hoodie DX, the Versa Hoodie and Versa QZP DX feature reliably thanks to the Storm Cotton ™ technology, a fabric liner that acts as a breathable shield from the rain and sweat, with water-repellent capabilities and fast drying characteristics. The Versa Hoodie combines a fleece with a cotton yarn of better quality to increase durability and prevent wear.

Vans celebrates the growth of the Versa franchise as an evolution of functional sport style with new colors in the classic Versa Hoodie and the Versa QZP DX. These products retain the signature features of the franchise, the unique and patent-pending multimedia pocket, which secures phone access, embroidered accents, including the "world number 1" phrase on the neck of the Versa QZP DX.

Versa Hoodie seasonal colors include white, black, red and navy, while Versa QZP DX is available in blue. The new Vans Versa franchise will be available throughout Europe from August 1st on and in Vans Shops.