November 26, 2018 at 16:08

Media creator Jake Ballantyne can be a hell of a skateboarder and presents himself in entrance of the lens in a brand new uncooked race for Homies Skate Media. Don’t forget to observe the complete video, The BIG One, obtainable now!

Extra Homies:

First race 2/7

Jake sails with type and ease on a North Van, whereas Clayton Arthurs follows carefully

Chipped Bromance Stripe
Valkyrie Voxters 160mm 45/45
Retro Freerides
Vicious Griptape

Movie & Edit: Jake Ballantyne
Comply with Automobile: Tyler Gillingham & Clayton Arthurs

Watch the full video of The Big One here.

– Clayton Arthurs
Kebbek Artful, Aera K5s, Sector 9, Venom, RAD, Powell Snakes and Abec 11 Wheels
– Tyler Gillingham
Chopped Arbor Backlash, Paris Savants, Sector 9 Wheels
– Alex Charleson
Authentic Referee, Aera K5s, Powell Wheels DH
– Jake Ballantyne
Rayne Bromance, Valkyrie Vans, Rayne, Powell and Abec 11 Wheels
– Oliver Lanyon
] Concept of prisms, vehicles of caliber, snakes of Powell
– Nolan Kraeker
Landyachtz Charlie Horse, Scientists of Paris, butterflies of sector 9

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Born in Vancouver, Les has been backpacking and adventuring all over the world for many of his life. Skateboarding makes touring simpler, in the end resulting in an extended skateboarding journey throughout Kenya. With a brand new appreciation of skateboards and good relationships, Les has deserted every part to skateboard his life and, as they are saying, every part is downhill since. As we speak Skate Editor [Slate] and one of many house owners of Flatspot Longboards, Les is spending the remainder of his time elevating his first little one related to the skateboarding community and skating with Coast Longboarding.

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