Fifteen-year-old Nick Broms broke the Californian stage and has already been on the podium for the 2018 Outlaw Series, finishing third among Barret's veterans. It looks like he'll be officially riding Rogers Bros this season. Watch the video with Boarding Media.

In Boarding Media:

Nick Broms, at age 15, remains among the fastest in the game. He skates beyond his years and is one of the most versatile riders. Whether it's free-riding, gripping or bric-a-brac, Broms sends her as if it were her day job. We are pleased to welcome you and welcome to the Rogers Bros team!

Incredibly happy to come 3rd in Pro at #barrettjunction this road is seriously upside down! Thank you @farminghills for launching a good event, a great way to start the series !!! # the8wheelerprevails

Posted by Nick Broms (@nick__bfc) on January 7, 2018 at 6:22 pm PST

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