The best guide that one can ask, Axel Serrat knows his way through Barcelona. Take a cruise with him and enjoy his relaxed and relaxed style while touring his hometown.

Film / Editing: Alex Colorito

Bees – "I love you"

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Discovering spots of all shapes and sizes, the Paris Crew has moved across Barcelona. The team has blended their unique styles and personalities by feeding each other while exploring the Spanish capital. Day after day, they embodied what Paris Trucks is doing down the street with a "skate all" mentality.

Axel Serrat
Aboubakry Seck
Alexandra Kubiak Ho Chi
Laurent Perigault
James West

Film / Edit:
Alex Colorito

Portishead – "Numb"
Bees – "I love you"
Dave Bixby – "Open Doors"
Tashaki Miyaki – "Make it Write"
Meat bodies – "Fools bend their hands (severe evils under the sun)"

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