For a beginner, choosing a skateboard can be a challenge. In this case, the main role is played not by price, but by the multitude of subtleties about which the uninitiated know very little. Regardless of whether you are going to buy a finished skate or assemble it yourself, you need to learn to understand all the details. This article will help you not only pick up a good skateboard, but also learn all the subtleties of choosing the parts for it.

Method 1
Type of skateboard

Image with title Choose a Good Skateboard Step 1

1 Decide how much you are willing to spend and what you expect from a skateboard. If you want a decent skateboard for acceptable money, then buy a ready-made skate, and if you want something more and are ready to pay for it – do the assembly yourself.
2 Choose the type of skateboard:

longboard, classic or streetboard.
Longboards cost $ 120- $ 500 (to find out the approximate price in rubles, multiply by ~ 40)
Classics costs $ 80- $ 400
Streetboards cost from $ 50- $ 150

Method 2
Buying a ready skateboard

1 So, you chose to buy a ready skateboard.

First of all you need to find a good store. Although buying on the Internet and can go a little cheaper, but buying in the store, you support not only him, but the entire local community of skaters. In addition, over time, you will receive a discount. Although the finished skateboard is not as good as the skate of self-assembly, but it costs much less.
A normal skateboard costs between $ 50- $ 200.
The self-assembled board costs between $ 90- $ 500.

Finished skateboards (from left to right) Price in USD Brand
Mini-Logo Red $ 99.00 Mini-Logo
Classic $ 149.00 Surf One
Twisted Dragon $ 59.00 Powell Golden Dragon
Sunrise Wave $ 149.00 Surf One
Kickflip Red $ 59.00 Angelboy
Andy Mac Fist $ 59.95 Andy Mac

Method 3
Purchase decks

1 How much are you willing to pay for the deck? If you want to save, you can buy a clean deck (without drawings and inscriptions). They are much cheaper, although they are not inferior to corporate boards in anything else. However, if you have a dream to have a skate like your favorite skateboarder and have money for it – buy.

2 Buy a quality deck.

Think twice before buying a deck in local stores – their quality leaves much to be desired. If you buy a ready skateboard, then order it on the Internet or go to a local skateboard and ask the seller to help you with the choice. If you just want to ride, the 7.5-8.0-inch (18.5-20 cm) deck is suitable, for boards larger than 8 inches and wider.

Another important point is your height and style, in which you are going to ride. Most technical skaters (like Rodney Mullen, who uses many flips) prefer decks 7.5 and 7.75 inches (18.5-19.5 cm), regardless of the height. On such narrow boards you can perform rotations faster. On the other hand, extreme skaters (a classic example – Jamie Thomson) prefer wider boards. Their advantages include better stability in the air and in landings. If you are a teenager, then perhaps the best option is a board with a width of 7.66 or less.

Deci (from left to right) Price in USD Brand
SuperLight $ 37.50 Mini-Logo
Silver $ 49.95 Powell
No Ka Oi Longboard $ 75.00 Surf-One
Hill BullDog $ 62.00 Powell Peralta
Street Issue $ 58.00 Powell Classic
Quicktail $ 100.00 Powell Peralta
Purchase of trucks

1 Trucking is the second most important part of the skate.
When buying them, pay attention to the following characteristics.

2 Do not pay attention to the design. A good appearance is not yet a sign of good quality.

Trucking (from left to right) Price Brand
Unit Phantom II Truck (White) $ 17.99 Phantom
Grind King The Low Truck (Silver) $ 16.99 Grind King
Thunder Creepy Crawl Truck $ 16.99 Thunder
Randal 180 $ 24.00 Randal
Tracker 184 $ 24.95 Tracker Trucks
Tracker 129 $ 14.99 Tracker Trucks
Purchase of wheels

1 Choose wheels depending on the skateboard.

For the street deck fit large and wide wheels.
Longboards are suitable for large and soft wheels.
Streetbirds are suitable for small and solid wheels.
Try to pick up the wheels of the same brand as the deck. Otherwise, people can think of you as a poseur. If you have a Decade of firms Almosts, DGKs and so on, then wheels from any brand will do.

Wheels (from left to right) Price (USD) Brand Diameter
S-3 Black $ 16.80 Mini-Logo 50mm
Strobe Gold $ 32.00 Powell 53mm
Wave Black $ 33.00 Surf-One 65mm
Mini Cubic $ 35.95 Powell Peralta 64mm
Ripper $ 32.00 Powell Classic 56mm
G-Bones Blue $ 32.00 Powell Peralta 64mm

Buying bearings

1 Choose suitable bearings. Bearings are issued under numbers from 1 to 9 (1, 3, 5, 7 and 9). The higher the number, the higher the quality of bearing grinding, and the better these bearings rotate and last longer. The best choice for the first skateboard will be numbers 5 or 7. If you start from number 1 and then change them, in the future it will be difficult to get used to new ones, whose speed is much higher.

Bearings Price in USD Brand
Bones Red Bearings $ 16.99 Bones Bearings
Bones Ceramic Bearings $ 94.99 Bones Bearings
Bones Swiss Labyrinth $ 37.99 Bones Bearings
Bones Original Swiss Bearings $ 34.99 Bones Bearings
Bones Super Swiss Bearings $ 39.99 Bones Bearings
Mini-Logo Bearings $ 8.99 Mini-Logo


Before buying the deck, remove it from the shelf and stand on it. Make sure that the length and width fit you. Do this in the shoes on which you are going to ride.

Do not buy a board that just looks cool, much more important is how it will feel under your feet.

Before buying it is best to go to the nearest skateboard and ask for advice. Buyers and sellers can usually help you by choosing the board that’s right for you. However, remember that, as they say, how many people, so many opinions. Some people like Plan B boards, but some like DGK. Therefore, it’s better to try the board yourself and make sure that it suits you.

Sometimes in skateboards there are clean boards of good quality that will last a long time and come out cheaper than branded ones.

From the wheel brands, pay attention to Spitfire, Ricta, Bones’ “and Autobahn.

If you are bored with the problem of scraping the skin, then buy Grip gum. It costs about $ 14.

If you have a clean board, then you can paint it yourself. You will only need a stencil and paint.

For a skateboard, you do not need to have very high quality and smooth bearings. You may never need high numbers. Some companies do not even number them. However, for what you pay, you will receive, and the quality is worth the money.

Grind King, Independent, Krux, Thunder and Silvers are arguably the best brands among bearings.

Most decks are in the range of $ 50- $ 70. The difference here is not due to quality, but to the name of the brand. High-tech decks usually last longer and cost more, but the tricks on them are the same as on the most common 7-inch deck. The final cost of the finished board will be $ 140- $ 200. Try to choose the best possible board if you want to ride it for a long time.

The best combinations from the classics for a simple ride are:

Deca: Any board Powell-Peralta, preferably 10×30. You can buy it at
Truck: 9.5 inch truck company Independent.
Wheels: Rat Bones 90a or 85a. For driving on streets soft and small wheels (rigid go from 92a and above, small – below 60мм) will approach. With soft wheels, almost no joints and cracks, and 90 / 85a is still quite dense for a quick ride.
Bearings: any. You can take Reds if you want to save.
Skin: MOB is the best.

If you are fond of tricks, then you can use a flexible skate with good tracks, quality bearings and soft wheels. Perhaps, if you just want to ride, you will prefer a longboard.

As for the fasteners, pay attention to Lucky or Shorties, which last a very long time.

Good decks include Flip, Zero, Baker, Almost, Plan B, Girl, Chocolate, Alien Workshop. Any well-known brand will do.

Bones, Flip HKD, Black Panther and Speed ​​Demon – these are brands of higher quality.

If you pick up the second skate and stand in front of the question “Do I want to skate or perform tricks?”, Here is the recommended combination:

Deca: Chocolate, Girl, Almost or Flip with a width of 7.75 inches (standard for such boards).
Tracks: Royal, Thunder, Independent or Grind King 7.75 inches.
Bearings: FKD, Element or Destructo under number 7. The number indicates the quality and speed of the bearing. The best choice for riding and tricks is the seven.
Wheels: any wheels 52-54mm. The hardness of 97 will allow less worry about pebbles and roughnesses on the road.
Fasteners: any Shorties. They hold the best.
Skin: any of your choice. Avoid painted skins, after a long use they look just awful.

Before buying, think about whether you are going to seriously engage in this sport. Otherwise, you just throw more than $ 100 into the wind.


Do not expose skateboard to excessive water and fire. The board can begin to separate.
Skateboarding requires a lot of time and practice. Do not try to make hardflips and 360 front flippers without learning the basics – Ollie, Kickflip, 10-second manual, Broadway and Hillflip.
Bearings on skateboards of unknown firms are the worst bearings in the world. They usually fall off after a couple of weeks of use. If you want to ride professionally, then change them as soon as possible.
Do not start skateboarding unless you are ready to give time and money to this business. If you take out the board only once every 5-6 months, then it’s better to choose another sport.
Train at least an hour a day.