Skateboarding has gained worldwide distribution and is one of the most popular and actively developing sports. Wishing to learn how to deftly own a board, famously ride and even perform tricks a lot. And there are plenty of opportunities for this, but if you seriously decided to learn how to ride a skateboard, you will need to choose the right board, which will help to master this science.
The skater does the trick

Skateboarding is becoming more popular every day. This sport gives a lot of positive emotions
What is the basis of the choice?

To choose the board was right, you need to familiarize yourself with its design. Each component is of great importance and has a great influence on the learning process.

This term refers to the board itself, which forms the basis of any skate. Its design is not perfectly even, bends are mandatory. Such irregularities are located in the front (nose, or nose), and also are in the back of the deck (tail, or tail). The most correct material for creating the deck is maple. The layers of this material are amenable to strong pressing and gluing. The number of layers can vary within 6-9 pieces. Usually, 7 layers are used, this board is necessary for beginners skateboarders. In some models there is an additional bottom layer made of plastic, but they are intended for sliding along the railing. For experienced athletes, maybe it makes sense to buy just such a model, but for beginners this skateboard will be too heavy. Of great importance is the quality of the glue used. A good glue will not allow the deck to delaminate after a short time.

Bearings from skateboard

The size of the deck is also worth paying attention to. The average length is within 80 cm, which is exactly what newcomers need. Decks can also differ in width. The permissible parameters range from 19 to 21 cm. Narrow boards make it easy to twist the flips. But with a wide skate it’s more convenient to land, which is more important for beginners.

Decks differ in one more parameter – the concave, or concave. This term means side bends that can facilitate the implementation of flips (tricks). The Conkeys differ in their depth.

Each deck is characterized by its own resiliency, due to which it is possible to make your jumps higher. At the heart of the tricks is the execution of a click of the deck on the surface, as a result of which the skate springs from the ground. The elastic board will be more jumping. It is important not to confuse the elastic deck with over-dried. The latter option will not be durable. Deca should not be heavy, otherwise the learning process will be complex and time-consuming, and painful.

On any deck there is a special skin, which in professional circles is called an influenza, or griptape. In fact, this is the most common sandpaper, which has a self-adhesive basis and is characterized by durability. Griptape allows the legs not to slide on the deck.

Pendants, or tracks

If you turn the deck and look under it, you can see bolted suspensions, which are called trucks, or trucks. Tracks and deck are divided among themselves by elastic bands, which reduce the load.

Tracks are classified by weight and strength. Thick pendants will be stronger, but at the same time their weight increases, which means that the skateboard itself will also be more massive. Suspension must have a design in which the wheels are completely under the deck and do not bulge on the sides.
Wheels and bearings

Another important element is the wheels that are attached to the suspension. Wheels can have different rigidity, and also have a different diameter. It is the first parameter that is most important when choosing a skateboard. For beginners, it is better to choose soft wheels that will make skating more enjoyable. True, speed will fall faster, but who will drive at the training stage? Such wheels can not be called durable, because of the high coefficient of adhesion and intense friction, they quickly wear out.

The rigid wheels keep the speed very well, but the skate with them will vibrate strongly. But they are more durable. Now think about the wheels with which it will be more convenient for you to ride. Experts recommend for the ramp to choose soft wheels, and for parks and street roads – rigid.

When putting the wheels on the tracks, you must insert the bearings inside. Each wheel has two pieces. On the skateboard and on rollers the same bearings are installed, which correspond to the ABEC standard. Bearings can have different speeds, the most popular of them are ABEC 3, 5 and 7. It’s easy to guess that with the increase in the number in the designation, the speed of bearings also increases.

A man stands on a skateboard
Tips for beginners

To start skateboarding, it is better to choose a finished board, which is called a compliment. It will be difficult for a beginner to determine the necessary characteristics of each component of the skate design, because he does not yet know what style of riding for him would be preferable and what requirements his board should meet.

You can say with certainty that the Chinese skateboard is not worth your attention. It will further complicate training, make it long and painful. Almost all Chinese models are not equipped with concaves, for a short time of use they begin to separate, moreover they have a weak click.

Therefore, your first skateboard should be chosen at a specialized point of sale. It will not be superfluous to receive consultation of the seller-adviser who understands a subject. Learn to ride a cheap board will be difficult, but the most expensive model is also not worth buying.