Skateboarding is such a unique kind of extreme sport that the craze for it is easily explained by the excess of thrill. Accessibility, versatility, spectacularity and the ability to just skate or perform dizzying tricks – all this attracts people around the world. The entertainment and belonging to the caste of worthy compels young people and girls to choose their boards and stand on them, wishing to demonstrate to themselves and others their strength, dexterity and courage.
Skateboard: a bit of history

Reflecting on how to choose a skateboard, experts and amateurs agree on one thing: the search for an ideal model is similar to finding a true friend – or you will find the ideal option for life, or you will be interrupted by chance and uncomfortable. And if a beginner for skating comes down any board that travels relatively smoothly, then for a professional, the quality of the instrument is extremely important.

For a short history of active development of skateboarding, the board for skating was repeatedly improved, but the principle of fastening and the shape of the board remained unchanged.

For the first time the skateboard in the form in which it exists now, appeared in 1958, when a small wheel was attached to the surfboard. In view of some inconvenience and almost complete lack of maneuverability in 1971, Richard Stevens improved the board itself, as well as the fasteners, which made it possible to better control the board.
Choose the perfect skateboard

To know exactly how to choose a skate, you must have at least a general idea of ​​its design and features of the work of those or other details. The more cleverly chosen skate, the better and more comfortable it will be riding on it.


A good board is not always purchased in its entirety, since an athlete who understands the nuances can pick up the best components for himself and collect his “compliment,” that is, a full-fledged skateboard. A wide assortment and high quality of components for the boards, presented in the stores, make it possible to find the optimal set immediately. In addition to the technical diversity, young people will necessarily attract, as a rule, a stylish and original design of models, which in many ways is the key to the successful selling of boards of a brand.

A newcomer should not be trusted only by his instincts or consultants in a sports shop: before buying one should also get acquainted with general information that will not get into a mess and buy a suitable board model.

Dimensions of the board are important not only for its appearance, but also for the stability of the entire structure when performing certain tricks. Experts note the importance of a competent choice of board width depending on the style of riding, the length of walks and the potential desire of the owner of the board to perform tricks.
Deca is the basis of a good skateboard

The base for the perfect board is the deck. The quality of this part of the skate depends on its stability and comfort, which will accompany the athlete in the process of skiing. Dimensions of the deck are standard: from 19 to 21 centimeters in width and about 80 in length.

Boards of different widths are used for various purposes:

on the narrower it is more convenient to ride
wide are considered ideal for performing tricks.

Bent front and back, as well as the sides differ in different models, because different board designs allow you to more easily perform certain tricks. For the process of selecting the ideal board, there is an immutable rule: the model must be suitable for a particular person, so that the length, width and depth of the bends is comfortable for his legs and his riding style.


The deck itself is not made from a single piece of wood, but from 6-9 layers of maple, which are glued together by a special compound. The durability of the board and its strength depend on the quality of the adhesive used. Cheap boards can begin to separate already on the shelves of the store, which is why during the purchase it is important to pay attention to the condition of the board and its integrity.

An additional plastic bottom layer is only necessary for those boards on which complex glides along rails and other fences will be performed. This addition significantly increases the weight of the board, which is extremely undesirable for a beginner athlete.

Beginners skateboarders should stop on the boards of proven brands: Zero, Toy Machine, Santa Cruz or Zoo York. Of course, the models of these firms are not expensive, but the quality, thoughtfulness and convenience of such a board in the process of rolling more than compensate for the financial costs.

Bright and expressive drawings on the decks, which so attract the attention of beginners, are too short-lived, to pick up the board only by its appearance. In the case of active use and daily training, the picture is erased and dims by the end of the first month of classes.
Wheels and bearings for the board

To make the board roll better, it should be completed with the most durable and rigid polyurethane wheels. The rigidity of this part of the skateboard allows the wheels to serve much longer in conditions of active riding in parks and streets.

Low stiffness indicators, which can be found on the body of the part itself, may indicate a future poor ride and quick wheel abrasion.

The size of the wheel should be selected based on the coverage on which the skate will ride, as well as the wishes of the owner: small wheels quickly disperse the board, but also quickly brake. For domestic roads, larger models with a diameter of about 52-53 mm are best suited.

New trends in improving the structure of boards encourage manufacturers to try something new: more and more often produced wheels are not made of solid polyurethane, but with a plastic core, which makes it easier to construct. The reliability of this design is not so high, so they are turned to them more often by professionals, who are important to each gram of weight of the board.

To ensure the easiest and most comfortable movement on the skateboard, classical ball bearings are used – two per wheel. They differ from each other in the precision of manufacturing, you can get ahead of them by the name of the product – ABEC-1, 3, 5 and so on. The speed of rotation directly depends on the quality of the workmanship. The higher the number, the more expensive the bearings, although for domestic roads there are enough models with a score of 3 or 5.

Plastic protection for the inside of the bearing, which prevents dust and dirt from getting there from the street, can be a ruinous part of the design, as it often falls between the balls from hitting the board against the ground.


All other details of the skateboard – screws, skins – are selected individually, because they depend on the overall design of the board. The length of the screws depends on the presence of a lining between the board and pendants. The pads that soften the impact of the board are not so popular and are found more often on boards for children and beginners. Particular attention is usually paid to the choice and gluing of abrasive skins, which guarantees an ideal grip of shoes with the board. Modern samples are made with a bare perceptible perforation, which provides not only maximum grip, but also allows you to paste the skin on the deck without much difficulty.
We choose cars for the board

Pendants or trucks – this is the part of the skateboard that makes possible the turns and movements on the board. The extremely simple design of this part of the board guarantees a long service life of trucks and almost complete absence of breakdowns, provided the competent choice of the manufacturer, as well as the correct placement of the wheels. Dimensions of the track must be selected taking into account the width of the board so that the wheels fixed on the hanger (the t-shaped part of the track) do not protrude from under the deck.

The strength of the tracks is almost independent of their weight, and since most manufacturers use aluminum here, the average weight indices of this part of the board are approximately the same.

It is better to buy one high-quality and reliable board from a well-known manufacturer than risk your health on a flimsy and unreliable construction. Among the popular and popular producers are Bullet, Krux and Independent.

Skateboard for a true fan of this sport is transformed from a simple toolkit into a good friend and friend, which should be protected, groomed and cherished. Proper care of the board can be a guarantee of its durability and reliability, and with the right choice of parts and an ideal combination of skateboard, riding on it will be as light and harmonious as possible.