One of the most popular extreme sports is skateboarding, which in addition to adults are fond of little girls and boys. If the parent is worried about his baby, it is worth knowing how to choose a skateboard for the child, so that he comes up to him. There are several parameters that will help to make the right choice.
Types of skateboards for skating

Under the category of “children” is a very different age, but a child of 6 years and 12 has a different height, weight, foot size. These indicators should be paid attention if you want to ensure maximum comfort when riding. Buy a skateboard for children you need in accordance with their age and height. You can not be guided by parameters for adults, for the smallest beginners in this sport there are three sizes of boards:

mid (average).

Types of boards for skating
Children’s skateboard micro

This option is designed for the youngest boys and girls who are just starting to learn. Do not forget that you should always wear protection on the head, elbows, knees and hands, which will help to avoid injury when falling. On the skateboard micro can ride children no more than 1 meter tall, the recommended age is 5 years. The board itself has the following parameters:

length – 27-27.6 inches;
width – 6,5-6,7 inches.

Mini skateboard for children

The next largest skateboard for girls and boys, who turned 6-8 years old. To buy this option is for athletes from 1 to 1.5 meters in height. Parameters of the board are as follows:

length – 28 inches;
width – 7 inches.

The average size of a skateboard

For children aged 10-12 years, preference should be given already to models of size Mid, which is designed to grow to 1.5 m. It has skateboard in the following sizes:

length – 29 inches;
the width is 7.3 inches.

Medium-sized skateboard
How to choose a skateboard for beginners

Children learn not only to skate on a board, but also to perform tricks on it, so you should know how to choose a skateboard for a child of high quality and reliable. The strength of the product is influenced by many factors:

from which the base (deck) is made;
diameter, material of the wheels;
sturdy suspension.

All these options will help you with the question of how to choose the right skateboard. If you want it to serve you more than one year, do not buy a cheap model. You should order an option from a solid wood and be sure the child must provide his sports projectile with the correct, competent care to extend its life. This is important, because the skateboard is subjected to very severe exploitation.

Reliable attachment to the skateboard
Drawings on the board

On the front side of the board, a special film of fluff is necessarily glued (it is also a “skin”), which is important for good adhesion of shoes to the surface of the skateboard. Drawing on it or the color of the role does not play any, it all depends on personal preferences. The coloring only affects the cost of the product, the brighter and more interesting it is, the higher the price of the board. If desired, children can paint the board themselves with special colors, which can be bought at the online store.
Material of manufacture

In the manufacture of skateboards for children can be used a different tree, the best is considered a Canadian maple. If there are any in the product catalog, then they should pay attention. In the production of wood is carefully pressed, stacked in several layers, which provides a high strength construction. It is noteworthy that their price is lower than that of wooden models. There are options with aluminum and fiberglass in the composition, but truly appreciate this moment only a professional can.
Pendants for skateboarding

This part is immediately below the deck, its length is 13-14 cm, also called their tracks. They can differ in width, weight and height. Different models give such advantages:

heavy are considered to be more durable;
High – help to develop a higher speed;
Broad – provide greater stability.

Broad pendants on the board
How to choose skateboard wheels

Manufacturers produce boards with different types of wheels, which have certain properties. Inexpensive models are often equipped with plastic, which are poorly suited to learning how to drive well. They have to be changed regularly, because this part is subject to constant wear and tear. If you approach the question thoroughly, you must choose a model based on two main parameters:

Material. Models of polyurethane – for such wheels, the minimum diameter is 52 mm, the maximum – 70. For beginners, it is better to take a smaller version that will provide better control over the board, will not allow to develop too high speed.
Rigidity. The indicator can be in the range of 87-100A. With a low indicator, the wheels are considered softer, provide better grip on the surface, so they are well suited for children. Rigid models are used to develop high speed, but because of this, the control becomes more complicated, the vibration is felt more strongly because of the unevenness of the road.

The price of a skateboard for children

A good board model for children is easy to distinguish from cheap, but there are some options that are considered the most popular for kids. In this matter, you can not recommend something specific, because the kid must independently stand on the board and try it, evaluate comfort. Some popular children’s skateboard companies:

The German longboard Hawai ISkatesurfer-2706 is made of seven-layered Canadian maple. Width of wheels 69 mm, diameter 55, rigidity 78А. The model conforms to the European quality standards and passed the relevant tests. The price is from 6800 rubles.
The cruiser from Australia Side Sardin Fich is made of Canadian maple, it has a length of 32 and a width of 9.5 inches. It has a stiffness of 78A, a wheel diameter of 64 mm. The quality suspension is installed, the Slidepro bearings are used. The price is from 7900 rubles.
German skateboard called MikeJucker Surfing. The rigidity of the wheels is relatively high – 95A, the length of the board is 31 and the width is 7.6 inches. Wide tracks provide good resistance to the product. The price is 3 000 р.

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Tony, 38 years old

I bought my son a midi-size skateboard. He is 10 years old and according to his height the board came perfectly. So far, he does not perform any tricks, but already quite confidently can go and if necessary jump over the curbs. The main thing – do not forget about the helmet and knee pads with elbow pads, they have saved us more than once.

Jane, 32 years old

Do not buy cheap boards for a child. They are extremely uncomfortable to ride, no pleasure from the process. We were recommended a model from the Canadian maple with polyurethane wheels. The child immediately felt the difference and said that this model is much better: it travels softer, less vibrates and is easier to control.

John, 29 years old

A little surprised when our girl (8 years old) asked me to buy her a skate. Experienced, that can be traumatized, because it is very difficult to manage for children. They succumbed to her requests and purchased a mini children’s version on soft wheels. For a year she has been training and she likes, I am thinking of buying a bigger board.