Fashion for street sports is good. The bad thing is that in our country the construction of shells for the same skateboarding is not yet keeping up with the world trends. Yes, and sellers do not seek to fill this niche with quality goods. In this situation, athletes have to either order boards on foreign websites, or make them independently “for themselves” from the commercially available components. There is also a third way: to get acquainted with our review of the best skateboards and longboards available for buyers.

Skateboard of which firm to choose

Some domestic sports equipment companies have already appreciated the high interest in skateboard boards and offered quite high-quality and affordable products of their own production.

These are the brands:

1. SC (Sports Collection)

2. Union

3. HelloWood

4. Beetle

Of the imported, but available in our skateboard market, the following brands are the best:

5. Penny (Australia)

6. Baker and Arbor (USA)

7. Termit (China)

8. Oxelo (France / PRC)

Order from other countries will only have professional boards, for example, Yocaher (USA).
The best trick skateboards


A skateboard with a deck from Canadian maple is quite popular, although it is difficult to buy a compliment of this brand in our country. But it can be found in parts or ordered via the Internet. Baker offers a fairly wide selection of boards: you can choose “for yourself” and length, and design. The main characteristics: wheels diameter 52 mm, bearings class ABEC 5.


Relatively small weight, especially if you find a deck of 6, not 7 layers of plywood;
On the board, the “click” and balance on the rear wheels are excellent thanks to the convenient form of the file;
High strength and impact resistance – you can practice jumping.


The price is high, but the quality is right.

Experienced riders recommend this board to beginners for working out basic tricks, if there is money for such a purchase. However, they themselves do not mind riding on the famous Baker.
SC Man

CK Man

A classic model for confident riders of any age. As always, it pleases with original and bright design. The reinforced 9-layer deck of Chinese maple measures 31×8 inches (78×20 cm) and can withstand up to 100 kg. Wheels 54h38 mm with an optimum stiffness – 90A. The compound comes with chrome bearings of the improved class – ABEC 5.


Shock and wear-resistant aluminum suspension;
Skateboard driven and fairly fast;
Does not bend under the weight;
Deco is adorned with persistent silkscreen;
Varied and original design;
It is sold in almost all sports goods stores.


There are individual reviews with complaints about the quality of the assembly. The problem is solved by a key and a screwdriver.

The surprisingly good Russian skateboard due to the average concaise is suitable not only for riding, but also for working out various tricks. You can buy children from 8 years.
HelloWood Hipster 7.75

HelloWood Hipster 7.75

A large and comfortable seven-layer deck made of Canadian maple 79×19, 7 cm with medium concave (typical for classical board) and obligatory emery on the surface. Wheels 53 mm in diameter and 31 cm in width, with good rigidity of 95A. The chromeplated ABEC 5 bearings are installed. The permissible load is 100 kg.


Qualitative assembly;
Securely and accurately glued the griptape skin;
Absence of creaking;
Impact-resistant suspension;
Cute design – drawings are applied by silk-screen printing;
Availability and low price.


Initially, the wheels are tightened tightly – you need to “let go” yourself.

Hipster quite a bit did not reach the rank of longboard, because it has a rather large deck. Nevertheless, it is suitable for amateur mastering of basic tricks. Reliable and moderately speedy, so that a child older than 6-7 years, seriously keen on skateboarding, you can also buy such a shell.
The best skateboards for kids and teens
Penny Board

This model is so popular that it has almost become a household name. A small and bright plastbord-cruiser will suit both children and youth, which “passes” by weight restriction. Sold in two lengths: Original – with a compact vinyl deck for 22 “(56 cm) and Nickel for 28 inches.

The wheels are rather soft – 78A, with a diameter of 59 mm. Bearings racing ABEC 7, so that newcomers without protection ride on such a board is not worth it. The maximum load is stated at 80 kg, but in the reviews they write that a pennibord can withstand more.


Quality bearings – quiet and soft;
Good speed;
Comfortable and smooth ride thanks to large wheels;
It is possible to order your own design;
Quite durable, although it is not worth the jumps on it;
Compact – easily retracts into the backpack, if you do not want to buy a special case;
Spare parts and components found on the market will be easy.


A narrow deck to which you need to get used;
Easily collect dust;
Heavy for its size;

Penny Board is designed for high-speed driving on a good and medium-quality coverage – it’s quite pulling for the role of mini cruiser.
Oxelo Play1 Red Racer

Bright and inexpensive children’s skate with the image of a racing car on the deck. The board is eight-layer, 7.87 “wide, but is designed for kids weighing up to 20 kg. If you plan to immediately work out the turns, the nuts on the suspension axis will have to be weakened to improve maneuverability.


Good stability;
Smooth running;
Not a bad safety margin;
There is a carrying handle – fixed on the track.


Plastic suspension and wheels;
Quickly begins to shower with flu and paint.

Why carry low-speed bearings of Red Racer: to the pluses or minuses – it’s up to you. To start learning a child is good, because it does not allow to accelerate and ensures the safety of the baby, uncertainly standing on the board. Over time, the young rider will already miss the speed, but by that time, he will outgrow this skateboard, and you can take something more complicated.
The best longboards
Yocaher Professional Speed ​​Drop Down Stained Complete

Relatively inexpensive professional longboard with classical for this projectile forms. The maple 9-ply deck comes with dimensions of 41.25×9 “and has end-bends dropdown. Wheels soft – 78А, the increased size 70х52 mm, bearings high-speed (class ABEC 7).


Excellent handling;
Chromed bearings in the basic configuration, giving the least friction;
The shape of the dropdown deck provides comfortable driving and good stability even at high speeds.


There is no free sale.

A reliable and fast longboard for real professionals at an adequate price, even if you take into account the cost of shipping from America.
Beetle Mayday

A seven-layer kick -ail deck made of natural wood, 74 cm long and 19 wide by standards, does not fit well with the concept of longboard, but it performs its functions in full. It has high-speed bearings with metal lined rubber anther ABEC 7 RS. Wheels – standard 59 mm with rigidity 78А.


Moderately maneuverable and at the same time it stands well on the road;
Easy and convenient to carry;
High-quality processing deck, reliable assembly;
Soft and comfortable running on bad asphalt.


Skudnovaty design;
The price is higher than on some foreign boards.

In principle, a good transport option for overcoming urban distances. The light weight and compactness of the longboard makes it possible to carry it without problems, attaching it to the backpack.
The best cruisers
Oxelo Yamba Wood Classic

A wooden deck in a stylish retro design measuring 68.5×18 cm is made of pressed Canadian maple. Wheels of the optimal diameter of 59 mm come with a traditional low stiffness (78A). The board is designed for a weight of not more than 100 kg and pleases with high-speed steel bearings of class ABEC 7.


Good emery – the legs do not slip off the deck;
Maneuverable and high-speed cruiser with excellent rolling;
High “urban” patency – takes cracks in the asphalt, tiles, small irregularities, paving stones and low curbs;
Compact and light;
High quality bearings with good factory lubrication.


There are complaints about creaking, but rare;
Afraid of moisture – a wooden deck from her immediately leads.

The Yamba Wood cruiser perfectly feels the owner, is stable on the road and does not fail on difficult areas.
Union 28 Screed

A clear competitor of a pennibord, which is perhaps more affordable. Suitable for cruising, and for performing some tricks thanks to the bent top. Deck size of 28×7.5 inches is made of polyurethane and can withstand weight up to 95 kg.

Wheels with a standard diameter of 59 mm have a little more rigidity than other cruisers – 83A. But the bearings here are just excellent – the “seven” with protection from moisture.


Large selection of colors;
Qualitative assembly;
Good maneuverability of the board;
No noise from the wheels;
Rapid acceleration due to high-speed bearings;
It is undemanding in care.


Spare parts for this model are not cheap;
With improper selection by weight with time, the deck bends.

This buyer called the plastboard one of the best due to the pleasant ratio of the average price and decent quality.
Arbor Woody

Deck from a Canadian maple in the size of 23.5×6 inches. Improved bearings ABEC 5 (in some compliments are “Seven”, so this question should be clarified from the seller). The wheels have standard characteristics (59 mm, 78A).


The deck does not bend under load;
Light weight;
Good speed;
Long term “life”.


Non-standard deck – in case of breakdown it will be difficult to replace;
Instead of emery flakes, glass spraying is used, which professional riders recommend to replace immediately with a normal skin;
Poor vibration damping when driving on tiles.

In general, a good board for good roads, although someone in this longboard lacks “cruise”.
Which skateboard to buy

1. It’s good to go for a drive and master some basic tricks on inexpensive boards SK Man and HelloWood Hipster.

2. Those who know the sense of the stunt classics will like the famous skateboards Baker.

3. For kids 3-6 years, the best first board will be the bright and safe Play1 Red Racer from Oxelo.

4. Famous Penny Board will appeal to city dandies and women of fashion, although the view of these paddles is exclusively teenage. But for high-speed driving without special tricks, they fit perfectly.

5. If you do not have enough money on a penny-bills, but you really want a stylish cruiser, the Russian version of Union 28 Screed will be a great substitute for it.

6. Need a reliable vehicle for rapid movement on the road? Then it is worth waiting for the delivery of professional longboard Yocaher Speed ​​Drop Down from across the ocean.

7. For daily driving on a good surface, Arbor Woody is suitable.

  1. If the roads in your city are far from ideal, it’s better to buy a Beetle Mayday board or a beautiful Oxelo Yamba cruiser. In the most problematic areas, they can be carried – these boards with their average size are quite compact and light.